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Direct.One Partners and Clients

Year of 2015 was really challenger to the Brazilian enterprise community, however there's been great opportunities to companies that invests in innovation and cost reduction.

We kept our focus in GENERATE, SEND and CONTROL high volume of multi-channel communications like E-mail, SMS, IVR, safe PDF Storage to web and print documents to large companies, and we are on our way to achieve a great goal in the short-medium term:

Manage more than 1 billion transacional communications per year

At Direct.One we had important achievements in 2015 and based on our transparency culture we would like to share some of them with you:


Sales & Financial Growth Ratios:

Growth of 192% comparing 2014/Dec with 2015/Dec

Growth of 75% 
comparing Q4/2014 with Q4/2015


Growth of 47% 
comparing the year of 2014 with 2015

Compound Annual Growth Rate of 75% (CAGR) 2012-2015


Growth of 681% in company net worth


Growth of 780% in current liquidity

Injection of R$ 7 million in capital with the entry of
a new strategic partner



Entry in 3 new market verticals:


Credit Card

Retail & Private Label

Winning of 7 New Large Clients:

3 Banks

1 Credit Card Processor

1 Insurance broker, leader in administration, management and sales in Health Plans

2 more important Insurance Companies:

> One Top 5 in the greatest ranking
> One Top 5 in the greatest auto insurance ranking

60% of the 20 greatest insurance companies trusts in Direct.One

New Business Models:

Saving Share: we share the risk with the clients that bet with us in the costs reduction by migrating their transactional documents to the digital world and optmizing printing.

Revenue Share: we share the risk with the clients that bet with us in their sales evolution, in the financial products revenue and in the client retention using Big Data.


Company transformation to SA (anonymous society)

1ª Phase of Administrative Council Constitution with the election of the members:



Internal and External Auditing

We had also other cool things happening here:

150 massage sessions. 
And yes, we work with bermuda shorts, so what?

900 apples, 1.200 bananas eaten...
we didn't count the happy-hour's beers!

More than 8000 tasks developed by our development team.
Thanks to

And more... the team growth 25% in 2015!
Welcome new DirectOners!

To 2016 we are hiring, click here.

In 2015 we hire our Sales VP to boost next year growth. Welcome, Ronaldo Oliveira!


Direct.One was chosen by Endeavor to be part of the main global enterpreneuship network:
Click here to read. Read here more about the selection process


Conquest of CIAB/FEBRABAN Innovation Prize: Click here to read the full story


Launch of Release Candidate new version of SaaS Direct.One application in Q4/2015.

R$ 2 milhões investment in new features of SaaS Direct.One application do be launched in 2016

Application Launch of beta to ad targeting on transactional documents and invoices with millions of records in real time.


Application launch Certifique.Digital to Digital Signature of Documents and Legal Proof in Sending Emails and SMS.


R$ 2 million investment in another Nutanix appliance to increase hiperconvergence infrastructure in hosted private cloud in Brazil in a first line global data center.
Read here about our first investment in Web-Scale Techology.

Achieving 99.66% uptime in Q3/2015 in CORE implementation of One to One Engine System, above the target of 98%

Growth of 300% in data and documents storage

Growth of 400% in bandwidth 

Firewalls delivery in high availability

Implementation of phase one in administration and scalability in Private Cloud using DevOps

New address, in Av. Berrini neighborhood, São Paulo. Come and have a coffee with us!

2015 was a year with many conquests and we are proud of our team that worked hard and delivered the most important objectives.

To 2016 we have bolder objectives:

  • Growth of 90% in sales

  • Raise the rate of organizational climate above the market benchmark

  • Implement OKRs in all departments

  • Implement the second phase of SaaS and of the Storage-on-Hadoop

  • Growth of 100% in infrastructure with security certification

We thank all clients and partners and we hope to count on you in this year that is beginning.

Thank you!

 Fernando Wosniak Steler

Founder and CEO