Direct One integrates Customer Communications Management (CCM), Marketing Automation Software (MAS) and Big Data Analytics into one easy-to-use cloud-based SaaS platform called
One to One Engine®. It generates, sends, and manages personalized multichannel customer communications, maximizing touch points and reducing costs for large enterprises.

We help large enterprises create and manage personalized customer communications and run data analysis that facilitates customer retention and relationship growth.

We are trusted by our clients:

CCM as a Service

Easily format and process your print and digital communications.

This module allows clients to process and handle data in order to create digital, audio and print communications that are relevant and personalized. The platform incorporates both transactional and promotional data through a multichannel strategy.

Multichannel Campaign and Communications Automation

Send and Deliver more relevant communications in a automated way.

This feature gives Direct One’s clients the ability to automate marketing campaigns via multiple channels that includes E-mail, SMS, IVR Voice Messages, Landing Pages with P-URLs, and also Billings, TransPromo, Direct Mail etc., using marketing tactics such as next best action, RFM and customer lifecycle relationship.

Multichannel communications management

Manage your digital and print communications production, delivery, reception and costs.

With this tool, Direct One’s clients can see which of their customers have opened the communications that were sent (E-mail, SMS, landing pages access and downloads, printing shop production and mail postage etc.), manage the reasons why they were never received or opened, and analyze the operating costs associated. All integrated.


Campaigns and documents analytics

Analyse the results from your communications in a integrated way.

Direct One’s data modules provide a single, 360° view of each customer, generate relationship indexes like RFM for each client, and offer professional services for the creation of predictive models using data mining techniques. Clients have the ability to measure metrics such as ROI, conversion rate, cross-selling and upselling, churn rate, and revenue lost.



Sales Engine

Sales converter using IVR, SMS, E-mail with predictive modeling and customer score intelligence.

Selling machine for large data sets. Reduce your costs with call centers operators. Use channels like IVR - Interactive Voice Response, SMS, E-mail and so on. Contact only the lead customer who matters most.

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